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Cutting board
Material: Birch
Product Title Finishing Measurement
2030001 Cutting board 30 straight Wood finish 243x540x20
2030031 Cutting board 40 straight Wood finish 343x540x20
2030061 Cutting board 50 straight Wood finish 443x540x20
2030091 Cutting board 60 straight Wood finish 543x540x20

Leikkuulauta mururitilällä  
Cutting board with crumb tray
Product Title Finishing Measurement
2030201 Cutting board 30 crumb tray Wood finish 243x540x20
2030231 Cutting board 40 crumb tray Wood finish 343x540x20
2030261 Cutting board 50 crumb tray Wood finish 443x540x20
2030291 Cutting board 60 crumb tray Wood finish 543x540x20

Leikkuulaudan kisko pohjakiinnitteinen  
Cutting board rail bottom fixed
Material: Steel, folding piece nickel-plated.
Product Title Measurement
7003101 Cutting board rail white 450
7003121 Cutting board rail white 500