Furniture tubing
Material: Steel. Tube thickness 1,0-1,2mm.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
7321101 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 360
7321131 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 460
7321161 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 560
7321221 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 760
7321281 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 960
7321341 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 1160
7321951 Furniture tubing 25mm Chrome 3000
7322951 Furniture tubing 25mm White 3000

Oval tubing

Material: Steel. Tube thickness 0,8mm.

Product Title Finishing Measurement
7323141 Oval tubing 359 Chrome 15x30x360
7323151 Oval tubing 459 Chrome 15x30x460
7323161 Oval tubing 559 Chrome 15x30x560
7323171 Oval tubing 657 Chrome 15x30x660
7323181 Oval tubing 757 Chrome 15x30x760
7323201 Oval tubing 957 Chrome 15x30x960
7323211 Oval tubing 1057 Chrome 15x30x1057
7323221 Oval tubing 1157 Chrome 15x30x1160
7322981 Oval tubing 3000 / bundle of 30m Chrome 15x30x3000

Kalusteputki RST ja tukikaidehelat  
Furniture tubing stainless steel and support rail mountings
Material: Stainless teel. Tube thickness 1,5mm.
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5701081 Furniture tubing stainless steel Polished stainless steel 25x3000
5701021 Stainless steel support rail mounting Polished stainless steel 60x60x29
5701041 Stainless steel support rail end cap Polished stainless steel -

Putkenkannake pyöreä  
Pipe bracket round
Material: Zinc cast
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5501291 Pipe bracket package 2pcs +screws Chrome 25mm
5501231 Pipe bracket White 25mm

Putkenkannatin ovaali  
Pipe bracket oval
Material: Zinc cast
Product Title Finishing Measurement
5502101 Pipe bracket oval screw fastened Chrome 15x30
5502301 Pipe bracket oval dowel fastened Chrome 15x30

Ovaaliputken koukku  
Oval tubing hook
Product Title Finishing
5502501 Hook for oval tubing 30x15 Chrome